How to set up your dream of wealth

everyone wants to gain wealth, but how can we achieve their dream of becoming rich in the market economy today? Open a physical store is a very good choice, as to the choice of what to open shop, where to open is worth thinking about investors.

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Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of jewelry chain model

want to do jewelry business, is the choice of agents or independent business? This problem makes many entrepreneurs who are interested in the jewelry industry hesitant. Today let us explore this issue, how to choose.

the franchise has expanded rapidly, little capital occupation and added value is high, but the rapid expansion of the franchise, it brings a lot of problems, become a weapon of jewelry franchisees who occupy the site of.

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What are the names of the powder shop


said to the shop name is the owner of their own things, not what certain restrictions, however, if you want to have one to be able to attract more consumers, can have a good prospect of the shop name, also need to comply with certain principles. So, what are the names of the powder shop? Let me see small series of.

The powder store

1, named when considering the surrounding environment affects the naming skills.

2, the name of the powder store should give a person with aesthetic and artistic accomplishment of good name, cultural heritage, so that consumers feel comfortable. As the name Lou Wailou Restaurant, like Tao Taoju. read more

How to join the cake

now people not a birthday cake, unlike ancient times of our Chinese nation is just a bowl of longevity noodles. By the influence of foreign culture, the cake has become China’s Western daily necessities. Cake is a good food in daily life, the market demand, good prospects. Cake is a well-known brand of cake, a well-known natural join can get people’s trust. The strength of the brand is endless, the headquarters is willing to join the business together to open a new era of wealth.

cake was founded in September 1992, the founder of the incumbent president Luo Hong. After years of efforts, has now developed into a production and operation of cake, bread, pastry, cakes, and other products Glutinous Rice Balls point, mainly distributed in the country has more than and 70 large and medium-sized city thousands of retail stores, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang three domestic first-class large-scale modernization of Food Industrial Park, tens of thousands of domestic high-quality staff the baking industry leader. read more

Tianjin to build a virtual incubator platform to help the public online Entrepreneurship

online business is a trend, the provinces also actively improve the network entrepreneurship policy, encourage more young people to use their knowledge of online business, Tianjin first construction of virtual incubator platform, help public online business.

Ling ran Powerise (Tianjin) Animation Technology Development Co. Ltd. "" Internet plus animation "– the public record space cloud services platform" project, the use of the Internet platform to provide one-stop business service as a passenger, won the 2015 "yunchuang space Cup" prize of the two group of Tianjin innovation and Entrepreneurship competition enterprise culture and creative industry. read more

What are the operating techniques of winter hot pot

still has a few months to celebrate the new year, a huge consumption of time is about to come. If you join the hot pot restaurants, the number of customers is not a lot of your hot pot restaurant. If you do not have to reflect on the hot season, the problem is where you go? Perhaps you can not find a reason, it does not matter, small series through the following tips to help you to find the hot pot operation slowly.

winter hot pot business skills?

a taste of hot pot taste better than Chinese food. read more

nternet plus to help female college students in Tianjin home business

once left home to read the University, basically they were less likely to return home, however, in this Internet plus era, more and more students will choose to go home. In this paper, the introduction of small and medium-sized two successful entrepreneurs is the case, and their success, but also thanks to the natural preferential policies of entrepreneurship in Tianjin.

Jixian County Mao Yu Wang Village village is the first to return to the village of female college students, and now, she has 13 years of experience in the management of the farm courtyard. Wang and the same as the village back to the village of female college students, as well as 30 year old Liu Shasha. She went to work in the first year of a child to work in Beijing, experienced five thousand or six thousand yuan per month wages also bear high rent and food expenses difficult. The least reassuring is that the children and the elderly stay at home. Last year, the village where Liu Shasha began to upgrade, so she decided to seize the opportunity to return to the village business. read more

How to enhance the popularity of animation store operators

animation industry development is very fast, the animation of the surrounding products have also been a favorite of consumers in the market set off a boom. Some people want to open the animation shop, for the novice, the need to learn a lot of things. So how to enhance the popularity of animation store business?

first, the location of the animation store to be cautious, according to the main product site selection, the surrounding schools, downtown business district is the golden section of the animation shop, with the street to open the animation shop, lock the commercial area. read more

What do you need to know about hot pot restaurants

2016 choose to open a hot pot restaurant? What do you need to know? After these years of promotion, the market has a lot of room for development, let us further to understand the next, what needs to open a hot pot shop.

Analysis of

1, according to grade points: high, medium and low-grade, or luxury stores, specialty stores, public stores, self-service stores, etc.; read more

Zhengzhou to carry out SYB special training

entrepreneurship is a hot topic, the word SYB is also very popular in recent years. Perhaps some friends are asking, what is SYB? SYB is the abbreviation of "START  YOUR  BUSINESS", meaning "start your business", it is "SIYB" (SIYB) is an important part of a series of training courses, developed by the United Nations International Labour Organization, to have the desire to start their own small business friends tailored training project.

"founder of micro enterprises should adhere to the ambitious and calculation will be refined, smaller principle, learn along the production expertise and customer needs in two ways at the same time to dig out the enterprise idea of good, and aim at the surrounding market, seize opportunities." In the 7 floor, Yang Road Street indoor, human resources and social security department assigned job training instructor Yang teacher is for the area hundreds of unemployment and to be employed by SYB (SYB training). read more

The latest hot business projects

entrepreneurship, not just a synonym for college students, but also office workers, rich two generations, such as playing a means to earn the community, and which projects are more popular, let us take inventory.

low carbon economy

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Matters needing attention in the management of children’s Paradise equipment should be disinfected r

amusement park is the children’s love of the place, the children’s Park is a public place, some of the equipment is easy to breed bacteria, so we should pay attention to regular disinfection when operating the children’s Park, so as to guarantee the safety of the children, it is a paradise for children most in need of attention management.

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How to open a home in rural areas to make money glasses shop

although it is said that the glasses store can make money, but this is generally aimed at the city, there will be few cases in rural areas to open glasses shop to make money. However, the rural market is equally broad, as long as a good business, money can also become very simple. So, how to open a home in rural areas to make money glasses shop?

glasses is a great market demand of the industry, even in rural areas, at the same time, you can also have a brilliant future, investment and competition pressure will be much smaller, but also small business a good direction, this article will discuss, it is how to open a money glasses shop in rural areas. read more

Million yuan to open a pet home photo gallery

today’s pet in the status of the home is getting higher and higher, this is an indisputable fact, however, there are really willing to give their owners pet photo? Do not look down on this market, but also the need to start a pet photo gallery million, you are still hesitant what?

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What needs to meet the conditions of part time Entrepreneurship

in the original life and work part-time part-time business, which has become the choice of many people in the current. However, the majority of people are suitable for work, but suitable for entrepreneurs when the boss is not much, especially on the basis of working on the basis of the synchronization of the boss. Before you decide to work while doing poineering work, you have to think about whether they are really suitable for the prospective boss.

business is to choose a commercial project to start, operate, generally speaking, suitable for working entrepreneurial projects are relatively small, but this small project is a commercial project, the independent operation of the commercial project. Since it is a commercial project, you have to act in accordance with the laws of the business, the operator needs to have a certain degree of business characteristics and related prerequisites. These conditions can play, otherwise, it becomes a victim of the sea tide and stepping stone. read more

How to improve the service speed

I believe that for most diners, it takes a half day to eat a meal and it is a painful thing to do. So, if you want the restaurant business is booming, naturally also need to improve service speed. So, how to improve the speed of the restaurant?

a perfect menu content

according to the customer’s favorite, the dishes will be the appropriate deletion, excluding a single rate of lower dishes. At the same time, in the choice of dishes as far as possible to choose the production process is relatively simple and fast dishes, reduce the number of complex process dishes. To the front desk waiter dishes training, to recommend dishes to customers, the focus of the recommendation of the production of simple dishes. read more

A few points you may overlook the clothing store decoration skills

now entrepreneurs who have agreed to join such a view: store decoration is very influential for sales. This view has been confirmed by many examples. Decoration shops in order to improve the sales of clothing. In foreign countries, shop decoration style, window design, commodity display, etc., are a great knowledge. We have done experiments, if this series of work done in place, the same clothing sales growth of 15% to 30%.

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Small business should pay attention to what issues

many people want to do small business, because the risk is relatively low. Small business which needs attention? Small venture, generally refers to less capital. But this is not a small business, because the funds do not mean less resources, small business should be stable, low, fast.

If human resources, equipment resources abundant, not many existing funds, but also can start. Young people into the community, you can choose a small business, or even no business, so that even if you do not return the investment, but also not too much loss. read more

Shop location should follow what rules

shop location is a very critical process, but many people do not know the location of the skills, and therefore tend to enter some errors. So shop location should follow what rules? Here we give some analysis of some of the site skills, I hope we can harvest.

it calmed the values

called the "farce retreat" is to determine the location, according to the shop location, select the district crowded, frequent commercial activities, avoid the remote environment. "Business circle" that is located at the center of the shop as a center, outward extension of a certain distance, with a radius of the circle to form a circle of consumption. Traffic conditions, terrain and geographical scenery, the characteristics of the activities of the customer and the customer’s income are the factors that determine the business district. read more