Month: November 2017

Keywords from entry to the master key words Zhuhai Shanghai Longfeng study summary

1, make sure someone search target information to determine the key words, the first is to confirm the user search times to reach a certain magnitude, or even if you get good rankings, but did not flow up, the conversion rate is very low, it means nothing, so "the policy of the party" must grasp, general reference love Shanghai index.

keyword index higher course is good, but the degree of competition, optimize the difficulty, select a number of search keywords and more, the difficulty is not too big, the website optimization is it possible to obtain a better effect in a certain period, the budget, perhaps this is wise, of course. Cow B, no matter how difficult he can do, only the workload can be big points. read more

Buy links will help improve the keyword ranking

more money can buy links, to improve the site keywords ranking is the best, but if you want to buy your website correlation more recent website links, keywords on your website has improved, the new website, I suggest you still have to wait until the site included page 700-800 number, link have a number of about 3000, you can buy a new website to link the three or four months ah, or do not start building a web site is to buy links, so your site will have an impact, love Shanghai search engine directly on your site included poor, bad luck is not suitable for direct K station, railway station to buy the link, then what is the old station? Your site is half a year old station, and every day more articles, outside the chain can be old station Oh, you do not have the website in there, the Don’t write, the chain is not issued, this stand alone for half a year, a year when the website, or new! Why not write the contents of the article, the chain is not issued, how to wait a year, it is not the old station ah? For example, a person you do not eat three meals a day. Every day, don’t sleep? You don’t have to get up every day? Not to make money every day, the sky will fall to you spend money? Eat with no money? Don’t sleep every day, life you can not sleep? You don’t have to get up every day, you can permanently sleep in bed? You will understand this truth? If you don’t understand, you don’t have to do the read more