Month: September 2017

How to solve the problem of the site was K the common means of recovery

1 software,

chain is we get traffic flow and exchange of a good way, but we should have a degree of management of the chain. By means of software, the chain group no meaning, no matter in quality or timeliness of consideration, it is not advisable. The chain group, the content can not be targeted, a large number of the chain, in a different environment, with the same kind of content to express, this is the search engine in the IQ test.

Not perfect in every respect

if you have a website, hang black chain, the search engine may not punish you, because the search engine can’t identify who is the culprit. But if you buy a large number of black chain or arrangement, in many related. read more

How to get to Shanghai Google spider love and YAHOO crawler robot attention

mainstream search engines will continuously sent their crawler wide internet browsing. Crawler first find each page, then the page text and copy the code and stored in the index server their large, this process is called crawling (spidering). This huge index, is actually a database of all web pages containing the search engine crawlers can successfully access to the. The index is used as when you search, you can get a result very quickly the warehouse. When you are a baby as aristocrat’s search engine enter a search term and submit, you actually search all content search engine index, while the actual content is not at the time of the internet. Of course, the page will change. Sometimes, the web site and the change cycle is very short. In addition, new web sites and at any time in the rapid emergence of. This is why the crawler always there kept crawling over and over again, web browsing, indexing and establishing and updating the search engine. The search engine index database which content is to see when browsing the web content crawler. The crawler can see the contents of the general visitors to see and may be quite different. If you want to view a web crawler to see what the content, you can use the IE browser to access it, and then press Ctrl-A key combination, and browse copy content (if it is Mac system, you can use the Apple-U key combination). Or, you can use the following noble baby, click on the search results of "snapshot" link, you can see the snapshot of the page crawler done recently. The first and most important point is that the crawler will each page they climbed the combination of words and words. They index text and links. When you enter a search term in the search box, search engine to accurately identify and search phrases best match ". Different search engines have their unique characteristics of the crawler, as you might expect, they are not all in exactly the same way to run. Some page crawler to obtain all of the content. " read more

Social occupation knowledge sharing their going to playHow to use portal web pages to increase tra

now, in some network management, there is a myth, as long as the website submitted to hundreds of search engines, traffic will increase. Is that really the case?

see a group of statistical data, more than 95% people through the search results in the first six links, see they are looking for content; the top 10 sites, more than 11 to 30 site visits, more than 78% of the volume of the top 30; access site, accounting for more than the entire search the results of the 90%; ranked 30 after the site, almost empty. In December 1997, Yahoo within one month of treatment 55 million people search, one has one or two important keywords good ranking sites, which can produce thousands or even hundreds of thousands of daily visits, and at the back of the site, but greatly reduced.

but the portal page, is not easy, it takes a lot of time and effort. One reason is to try to sort out algorithms for each search engine, which is not done overnight! Two of the reasons for the need to create a large number of portal pages. For each keyword that wants to get a good ranking, make a portal page separately. For best results, choose 10 or 50 keywords that are closely related to the theme of the web page. In addition, the ranking is good "in a search engine, in another search engine, probably in the back row, so the same keywords, but also for each search engine, the design of different web portal. For example, a key "free", AltaVista, HotBot, and hope that in Lycos, Infoseek and Excite of the five top search engines except Yahoo, it does not accept the portal " to get good rankings, so it must be for each search engine, making five of the" free "web portal. If you want to register more search engines, coupled with dozens of keywords, the workload can be imagined. However, as long as we can work hard to build a famous website, eating this bitter is nothing.

As for the specific

read more

Two things at the recent Shanghai search inexplicable love

. Then there is a security alliance page. This page is concise and clear. But, I did not point into the Shanghai dragon why. Not only did not point in, I see this page, if I were the general Internet users. May not continue to point, directly off. Not so bad。 Shanghai dragon why visitors are not general Internet users. Should not have much impact on the flow. But if it is a shopping website, enterprise website, Internet users awareness is relatively simple. This is not possible.

now the domestic Internet, basically cannot do without love Shanghai, love Shanghai so we all like every act and every move in heart. I admit that love Shanghai search to bring us a lot of convenience, like the original hao123. But now, no integrity move love Shanghai, really makes us feel difficult to understand. read more

No grassroots webmaster chain is what can we do

didn’t come to our chain of grassroots can do what? Still think: these chain (classified information, love Shanghai know cooperation platform and so on) it is up to Shanghai to lure spider love, if the website structure and content planning is good, not the chain of love Shanghai will go to your site to find the timing so the drop! Give up


some time ago to go back to school for graduation, the company website for more than ten days no one care, the results included drop, snapshot disappear! Would also want to rely on the chain to change the situation, I give up! Do the adjustment on the structure of the site, because I found by analyzing the web log appears in a large number of 403, which is not website update read more

nfluence of site safety on Shanghai Longfeng optimization

: a website vulnerability could allow hackers to implant Trojan

three: insert

is now everywhere on the Internet are able to find the black chain trading, has become a big industry, and the source of these black chain is through others website vulnerabilities insert spam links, it will not only affect the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, also may make their sites face right down, was K the risk of


two: website security problems, the content has been tampered with

! Many people think that ! ! read more

Learn Shanghai dragon to digest not always accept knowledge

is not short of accepting knowledge but also some disadvantages. Continuous learning, can quickly understand the Shanghai dragon. However, I think a lot of people have asked a question: "the right of the site is down how to do?" I believe every Shanghai dragon or God Commissioner have asked this question. Asked love Shanghai, or ask the teacher, no matter who you ask. You may get the answer you want, then you solve the problem. But next time, your site is down right, you will still love to ask Shanghai, or ask your teacher. So the question is, it will gradually formed a cycle of death, a sense of dependence. This will lead to the consequences will be grievous, our brains are not open. read more

To love Shanghai customers is our goal

! !

well, do not say cheating love Shanghai, love Shanghai that do not want to allow all doubt Webmaster Platform released a lie or the industry rules? In the face of such a downturn in Shanghai Longfeng market, the owners of the way how to go? Learning, persistence, or summary of every webmaster excellent quality, or veteran Adsense forget to do their own optimization, the combination is in charge of the Department of work and network planning and marketing network optimization, customer demand is our goal. read more

How to get the baby Sitelinks combat half noble station link

the PR value high site is more prone to noble baby Sitelinks, international domain name important than the right of domain name in china.

noble baby Sitelinks has been regarded as a high quality website, it means to produce noble baby Sitelinks search site in the noble baby has very high weight on the engine, it is the highest ranking nobility baby, at least for now and say. In this case, the search site name or brand, your website SiteLinks phenomenon, not only can attract more clicks, more can reveal industry supremacy, display in the brand, the network marketing strength! In short, you index results in the "noble baby advertising more". My website domain name registered in February is now about half the time to station. read more

Mobile search to the Alibaba and who love Shanghai more favorable

?But things are not The reason for the success of the

two, Alibaba group senior internal to the acquisition of Shanghai UC love very exclusive, and continue to put pressure on LIAN and Morningside ventures ceyuan, intended to delay the progression of love Shanghai’s acquisition of UC and change the final results;

, a Alibaba, is one of the earliest manufacturers to cooperate with the UC, and give UC a capital injection, UC level mature multiple business partners;


for the love of Shanghai intent to acquire UC news, everyone is certainly not. This news as early as a year ago was the raise a Babel of criticism of silent, even if the two sides spokesman, but we still can see the possibility of combination from the development trend of the market. After all the love of Shanghai in the field of mobile search and UC power is not enough, in the two years of development is very fast, but the software can not increase the high-end users, the need for a strong helper to increase capital market activity. But the news today is to make this marriage completely lose the possibility. read more

Pure text outside the chain the chain link the anchor text of the three what is the difference

well, there is a gap between the quality of that love of quality in Shanghai outside of the chain with the chain of YAHOO. Here you can ignore that the gap between the quality of the quality gap with the domain name quality of the chain and the anchor text of the chain is love Shanghai chain and the YAHOO chain! In general, love Shanghai chain formed a relatively easy, as long as the domain name of the website links with other websites, and indexed by search engines is a a chain of love Shanghai. While YAHOO chain formation is different, the anchor text link is not each to be included can be formed outside the chain of YAHOO. The formation of the YAHOO chain with a high rating, the anchor text links page quality so the number of YAHOO chain formation is generally lower than the number of Shanghai outside the chain of love. The quality of YAHOO chain requirements, you can view the source of the chain to form YAHOO. If it is the large number of the anchor text of the chain release personnel, then a site of YAHOO chain mostly from Links. Of course, here is why Links in Shanghai love rankings, play a considerable role. read more

Shanghai dragon we value ranking rise speed or ranking stability

The first type:

days and months multiplying A is certainly the site, from the beginning of the establishment of days and months multiplying, now nearly 1 and a half years, every day I was on time to update the article, according to the amount of the chain, and the page optimization, which is very good for the spider crawling website sitemap. And the website in the space A I use is the domestic space, double host, very fast.

(this is the website of B traffic sources)

(this map on the website A traffic trends) read more

Actual combat the original not outside the chain of high quality support was garbage

pageA few days ago when I think of

good original articles also need to have good outside chain to attract spider

is now the webmaster should pay more attention to the user experience, and is no longer around junk chain. This is fine, but our website even if the original article is love Shanghai would have included it. The answer is "NO". Shao Lianhu was also thought that as long as the site is the original article, there is no reason to love Shanghai not included, but I spent nearly two months to prove me wrong, Shao Lianhu had the following two months of experience to share with you, let us understand the original article, the chain is more important. read more

Shanghai Dragon Master in several optimization to expose the hidden secrets in exchange Links

4, in the search engine query SITE SITE domain name domain name; if the domain name is not the first words that search engine on the site to drop right, so it is best not to exchange with the friends of the chain.

7, query the site keywords ranking; if the primary key of the site in the search engine has a good rankings, so exchange chain and the weight will be relatively high, also conducive to our website ranking.

3, query search engines snapshot date; this snapshot date represents the search engine included the page last updated date. This date is close to that now, compare the value of search engine on the site, update soon. This website is a good object we exchange. In general, the snapshot and the snapshot is the best. read more

Site owners how to excavate the chain resources

3, online collection.

1, the chain is the web site of the chain mining method.

to share with you today, I was doing about the chain of resources mining consolidation in Shanghai Longfeng process. And how we deal with the chain resources. As we all know, we are now with the chain this piece, the weight of the chain for ranking in decline. But some maintenance and treatment at the early stage of our late, it is quite important for the chain of the competition. So here I’ll tell you about how we are going to look for more outside chain resources, and how to do. It is for you today two main content sharing. read more

Shanghai site optimization program of the dragon is very important

for the structure of the site, Xiao Bian think home channel and then the details page, therefore when choosing the site suggest that you do not select too complicated sites, simple procedures for the back of the website optimization is also very helpful.

1, the program’s website

security no matter which industry is a key issue for attention, so do so, be sure to choose a high security program. Because once that happens, the search engine will give a bad impression, so there will be a lot of trouble one after another. In order to prevent the site later caused unnecessary trouble, Tim we recommend you to choose a good program. read more

Shanghai dragon joking news source on the taste of Shanghai Longfeng paper

Another !

Shanghai dragon training, itself is not what, as old Mr Yu said, if you can, go to self-study, now the Internet is full of free Shanghai dragon training, as long as you have the ability to learn, to learn, not what. Whether you want to progress, to avoid detours, to a study on the Internet, select the one you feel good, you can participate in their training, not so mysterious, you seriously learn, without a teacher can hit his own brand name, although we each received 10 Shanghai Long Fengpei training person. But we are also with those of each received hundreds of people the same, will respect each student. read more

Shanghai dragon secret the protection of copyright and increase the quality of the chain


from the above points.

1. set no right key code. This is only applicable to prevent manual copy, and even the use of this method can not completely prevent others from copying the article — that is to say, the gentleman does not anti anti villain, this method still can play a lot of effect. Implementation is very simple, just add the following code in the page, is solved, others can not use the right mouse button on the page.

first talk about how to protect the copyright. Generally speaking, to prevent their website has been copied, mainly the following: read more

Shanghai dragon two novice to explore cognitive

high price

Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, it refers to the natural search results from technology and web traffic;

, for beginners should first correct understanding of Shanghai Dragon:

two, Shanghai dragon must understand learning how Shanghai Longfeng benefits? The Shanghai dragon can improve the site’s ranking, and obtain the target flow, so as to bring profit flow. For the specific performance of Shanghai dragon is mainly divided into the following:

first, explain why the study of network marketing, network marketing is just beginning to understand the news and online media, found in recent years, the electricity supplier industry very hot, very much the job, but the pay is good. You also know that now is the age of the Internet, but with the development of the Internet, the Internet will become more popular, so the prospect of network marketing will be more extensive, no doubt, will need a large number of personnel in Shanghai dragon. read more

Shanghai Longfeng share chain construction experience

forum chain is one of the most common method for the construction of the chain, the reason is very simple forum outside the chain only needs a simple operation. It is for this reason now many forums are limited to this function, there is low weight forum, a high quality of the chain weight and correlation site can offset the hundreds of low quality of the chain! How can find high quality forum outside the chain? I tell you a little trick! First: to determine your site type, for example my site is local portal forum type, then fell in love with the sea search will search out the local forum, many local forum website! Then a forum for the release of the chain. First of all, we want to open a forum post signature view are signed with description text, if then copy the URL with Webmaster Tools query weights included in the site, and then press the weight or PR classification of. The last time my friend and I spent 2 hours all the local forum for the more than 50 seedlings can find text outside the chain, and many of them are high weight, second for the chain method: intitle: 1.Powered by Discuz 2. inurl:bbs key words! Intitle: key words 3.intitle: powered by bbsMax key words keywords 4.ntitle: powered by Dvbbs 5.intitle: by Discuz 6.intitle: Powered advertising Powered by phpwind advertising! For example about the search for weight class DZ forum read more