Month: August 2017

What will be the reason causing the site to drop right

two, the website frequently changes the site frequent revision, contains many aspects, generally speaking is for the website in a range of modifications, can also be called revision. The website sometimes it might be for a better user experience, but remember not to be revised several times within a short time. Especially the title of the website, page layout, program changes. First of all, the title of the website in general, modify the time within 3 months, as well. More number of changes, is likely to influence the weight of the site itself. As for page layout changes and changes in procedure, where sesame is not recommended you change. Because the former will affect all aspects of the site keywords ranking, the latter will affect the whole site included, for the most unfavorable site. read more

Why love Shanghai included the amount of nearly thousand is not about rankings

some time we will find a recent article soon included, so he is very excited, think your site has been through the love of Shanghai pre period, but before long, he found what flow are not, and later found that included less, even when those already indexed pages are no, this is a simple Carnival after the storm.

1. is not really included in

why is this? The following brief description of Jane for Shanghai Longfeng only for the user to answer some doubts. For reference only.

A. is a search in the search of the cache, you can see the page is included, but this page is not real search engine included, over a period of time can be included, but not included in the phenomenon of high weight website. read more

From different languages to talk about the secret of success in Shanghai Dragon

domain keywords >

analysis from the perspective of consumers, if users can not use their language to access the site, so the majority of circumstances, they will choose to buy things on the site, not to mention the importance of access to the site, to let owners consider the foreign trade of Shanghai dragon. At present, Shanghai dragon is the biggest problem encountered, for foreign trade, our target market is not clear, can not choose the right keywords, find their competitors, according to the different languages of Shanghai dragon should be how to do better? read more

Chief technical officer of Lucid Motors D round of financing once completed immediately start buil

Tao money Secrets: the related flow rate, high conversion rate, high commission products website

last month, Lucid Motors released its first luxury car, Lucid Air, as low as $60 thousand. In the 36 krypton review article, we point out that the problem that Lucid Motors urgently needs to address is the construction of the plant. Recently, the former chief engineer of Model S Lucid Motors CTO Peter Rawlinson media interview, said the company is conducting D round of financing, the funds into the account immediately into the plant construction. In an hour long interview, Rawlinson explained the relationship between Lucid Motors and former owner Tesla, Lucid Motors layout of the business, we look at it together. read more

One a day in Shanghai Longfeng share the experience of on

the little understanding of some cases in the website, then do is open such as A5, behind the high popularity of the forum, if you do the Shanghai dragon object has a particular industry, it should also go to the area around the industry forum. I go to the forum to have 3 (the love shopping can take forum signature of the forum, can not take the basic signature without visiting):

to reply to some of the latest posts, top posts and their essence have made a post. On the one hand can make the chain (see the YAHOO chain can see many famous forum replies will be included in the chain resources inside); on the other hand is to improve the level of the forum account. The high level of account after either what optimization site is of help, this is your own resources, usually need to slowly accumulate. This is a system of what I emphasized in the work of the. read more

Methods six weight recovery site title after replacement

three: increase your website weight

to the high weight forum outside the chain, also can through the blog link bait, attract spider patronize our station, we can also write A5 or other soft to the site, let others reproduced, outside the chain of this quality is very good, can effectively increase the visits to the site the frequency, so it can make the search engine update your website in the short term


through the love of Shanghai products website! to your site! site in advance! !

radio link platform is great, we can change the title after the website submitted to the platform, for the sake of a chain, many webmaster will update on these sites, so the spider is very love to climb this website, when your site appears in this, naturally, the spider read more

The site long tail word mining 4 Tips

target keywords not necessarily flow there is love Shanghai but not in the index page, to flow up, put the long tail word is the most reasonable, so as to improve the conversion rate, and can improve the site weight, the page can write the use of the product experience, so as to let users easily produce purchase intention. Don’t put too much home keywords, target keywords in the title can only see individual ability to put the best optimization with love Shanghai participle to reasonable, so afraid of the title is too long. The long tail word do not love the Shanghai index would have some flow, to flow more than target keywords, don’t rely on the target keywords, do some long tail words, how to exploit the long tail word? The following several methods for reference only: read more

The new station is not included with the initiative is the key

A search engine?

search engine landing entrance:

many new sites online after waiting for the search engine included, a strength for doing things, not even think website promotion is not the chain can also let the search engine included. In fact, this approach to the new fast was collected is the most unpopular. To the new fast was collected during the waiting period, the owners need to attract the spider crawling your site, can be included. If a lot of other search engine to included, rather than to guide the search engine included, short for a week, a month is slow, site can be included. So, in response to the new station is not included, we do not come, take the initiative to guide the spider crawling into the site is to ensure that only the key points included. So we should how to take the initiative to attract the attention of the read more

To enhance the construction of the chain website ranking really better do

finally to remind everybody, don’t blame yourself outside of the chain is too small, we continue to increase the chain is not only to increase the number of the chain is to replace the chain has expired disappear, should look to separate half the site itself, concerns about the user experience.

I admit I do not know how long after, slowly straighten out, know the thinking, I think what is the significance to do the work, and guide my manager gave me a lot of help, learn with anchor links, search keywords ranking, check flow, learned that in fact the construction high weight of the chain is to let the other "the old man of noble character and high prestige" Internet accept you approve of you and that a process you are good, you want to let one hundred ordinary people say hello is very easy, but you have to let some leaders say hello is not easy, but once the country’s leaders have to say hello, then your honor and status the harvest is the website weight is also as can be imagined, so reasonable. read more

Use the long tail word will flow to the 10000P method

I have a car information website, I found a lot of people interested in car sales in general fell in love with the sea, every month many car websites and forums will publish information or posts according to automotive industry association data, about a month of a year car sales charts like this, now you to fall in love with the sea search so, the search results are also many, so I went to the car sales charts for long tail keywords to do the article, also subdivided out, such as small car sales charts, mini car sales charts, the compact car sales charts and so on, we can read more

What is to save love Shanghai or noble baby punish site

if your friend chain appeared suspicious, then you need to check all the friends of the chain, to see if there is the site because of the use of black hat techniques was K, second is to check your site, see if it is attacked or by persons who have hung up the black chain and so on.

tip: whether it is love or Shanghai is Google search will not because you have to do PPC and on your site with one eye closed, not only in this way can most probably it did not actually happen to go further. Original, this article by 贵族宝贝69191贵族宝贝 A5 first, please keep the chain. read more

Whether the ranking click device has become a leading cause of large scale K love Shanghai station

Love is either Shanghai or , thank you!

address: 贵族宝贝ty Shanghai dragon.Org/news/2806 reproduced please retain the copyright

as everyone knows the other search engines are very important for the user experience, are all to the user as the center, of course, you as a webmaster or network website and by a user, of course, this move also caused the software engineers in various operations to love Shanghai natural ranking software will, Taiyuan network marketing have also tried, a keyword index nearly 200 by this software in less than 3 days before the three optimization to love Shanghai, visible to the Shanghai dragon big blow to Shanghai, love the big blow, as well as the impact of the domestic search engine. read more

The use of Robots rules of common misunderstanding and noble baby love Shanghai Robots tools

Disallow: /mulu/

User-agent: *

for example, there are a lot of people do:

on the surface of this rule to achieve the purpose is to allow the spider crawling website all pages except /mulu/. But the search engine spider rules from top to bottom, which will cause second command failure.

is the first implementation of the prohibition order, then execution allows commands so as not to fail. In addition to the love of spiders in Shanghai, there is an easy mistake, that is after the Disallow command and the Allow command to start with a slash, so some people wrote: Disallow: *.html is so wrong, for the love of spiders in Shanghai should be written as: Disallow: /*.html. read more

To improve the WordPress friendliness of Shanghai Dragon

in order to build a good website structure of WP, we can refer to the following steps:

why WP


3 more theme templates can be selected, the reason is WP template making low difficulty. (for me, all the other blog blog program seckill)

display sub classification is not perfect, we think in the dedecms, to enter a channel, the channel to see the child channel, this is the tree structure reasonable.

post and show counts check show hierachy (display sub category)

2.1 WP construction site structure unreasonable read more

Zhong Zhixin on the long tail keywords cannot be ignored

search engine optimization of copper must know, keyword selection is the first step to optimize the site, select the keywords to choose some higher conversion rate, the keyword is strong, it is long term, and the long tail word is relatively good ranking.

For example, with

the role of the long tail word can not be underestimated, although not the main keywords so many people search, but as long as do each page of the long tail, the flow comes naturally, even if each page only one or two people to be able to search, that if you have ten thousand pages, it is ten thousand or twenty thousand people flow, key to the executive power. Just like Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, the four major portals, their long tail words within each page are doing very well, it is said that from them by the inside pages flow far than home to bring traffic is much higher. read more

The local tourism network in the classification platform construction is reliable and effective outs

with the arrival of the golden season of tourism, many tourists want to come to some famous scenic tourist attractions in the summer, summer travel seems to have become a hobby of citizens, and part of the tourist attractions and choose love booking online travel agency, which is visible in the online travel agency is better than the store. Many. At present, as long as the local store almost all over the Internet to build their own website, and then by way of the site allows visitors to quickly choose love attractions and complete orders and transactions. read more

A dog worth 5 billion Tencent invested 3 years ago and now returns about 4 timesSamsung does not

"Sogou" and Wang Xiaochuan, Zhang Zhaoyang, "single dog" dream and goals are seriously consistent – go to the United States IPO.

informed South Korea ET News quoted industry sources said, LG began to enhance their own investment capacity OLED screen, the center of gravity from the TV screen to intelligent mobile phone screen, LG’s goal is to become the second largest supplier of iPhone OLED screen.

privately held that, in recognition of the realization of the modernization of outstanding young people on the list, there should be a large Song Ci Xin Qiji’s name, he also made for the science and technology of modern words "Indelible" contribution. read more

Yao Jinbo readme how far vision determine how far EntrepreneurshipJustice in the GG so high handed

shlf1314 titles don’t make any sense,

as you know, shlf1314 has always been very careful about invalid click activity. We believe that disabling your account is a necessary measure for us to ensure that your site activity does not continue to pose a risk to our AdWords advertisers.

entrepreneurship is to do the future, and today’s business is expected to be 5 years, 10 years after the success, which will be expected in 5 years, 10 years later, the Chinese people’s consumption patterns can be envisaged today. How do you judge what will happen in 5 or 10 years? You can see what the United States, Japan and Europe look like. You see, how Americans live, I went to the United States will put all American newspapers and magazines have a record, later took what the company advertised, what is the company financing, at least your field how many listed companies, the market value is how much you have to know. read more

These new three board bosses should be careful The philately party is robbing your woman and bad fo

Mixed logic

objectively, Ali is representing all Chinese companies not only private technology companies, but also PetroChina, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Mobile to participate in the World Championship

is like some of the media:

plate" disintegration

1, so far, no company with more than 200 shareholders has succeeded, IPO.

are that light makes the company pay a heavy price, and heavy IPO leads to failure.

is confined to space by talking about the first question today. read more

Some suggestions on how to select foreign advertising alliance for beginnersMoving internal material

At present, many foreign

We used

        about the authenticity of conjecture this post, I think it is quite true, because yesterday mobile customers call me specifically asked if I cancel the monthly cmwap things, at the same time in many forums to see a large number of users of " " beat up; China Mobile customer service phone, a large number of user complaints and, let’s resist radical language mobile customer who can barely stand, yesterday that customer service is very excited, speak very quickly, say the difficulties of read more