Month: July 2017

Original content can give us personal Adsense bring what

below to my own experience, to tell you about the benefits of originality.

station (to antivirus) domain name is registered in the second half of 2007, and at the beginning did not want to do what site, 07 years let me confused for a whole year. Later listen to the outdated people say, do antivirus station better. It is determined to do the site. Without technology, learning by doing. At present, the station after six months of hard work, and finally do PR 4, and this makes me feel very pleased. Thank you all for your good friend’s help. read more

Reasonable operation website make website more influential

is nothing more than a good website included in the site and traffic, both of which have this website is a niubable website, but we need to pay attention, and now there are many webmaster has been in Baidu under the "review" of life. "The emperor’s wrath, is almost dead million, of which seven blood drift scull" believe that because we do search engine optimization and has been locked inside, get rid of, also cannot resist.

search engine is powerful, because it controls our entrance traffic, so that more hardships forced webmaster hard struggle for many years, but also less than a business explosion, marketing ten days. Here we should think about how to make our website not controlled by the search engine, then we should seek the optimization rules other than Baidu optimization. This involves the website user experience and website paste degree of read more

Wang Changjiang talk about the promotion experience of independent blog

on how to create a popular blog, there are many online articles on the subject, but most of the links in how to promote the more superficial, the Yangtze River did not want to write some others, put all sorts of things together everyone has seen numerous methods to fool you, also I had prepared with "real" two words in the post title think about, or don’t be added, said now is not practical, because my blog from the establishment to the present is more than a month’s time, however, in order to promote their own blog, I recently studied many grassroots popular blog, find a little secret to them, I put these little secret sorted out, combined with the operation experience of this month, to friends to share, but also to my next promotion ideas. read more

Share some of the practical experience of doing local Forums

Where do

forum is more than a year, we have here is a county-level city, where a few small sites, popularity is not high, but as early as possible, there are always insist on development, I do share a bit below the local forum experience, more suitable for a small city.

1, section set

information: open recruitment, housing rental, flea market forum, providing interactive and practical information, there are many people who are not leisure bubble forum, opened this forum can attract them to find useful information, increase in popularity. read more

Talk about my experience from domain name investment to site building

I’m from contact with the Internet since the beginning of this station is not known, later I heard one of my friends in the construction site, then I want myself to learn to do, just started to think what to do what website, what kind of domain name, it is easy to say, really do not really the direction, later found in the process of domain name, the original domain name can be fried to make money, and then suddenly came to Chinese renamed their domain name


has found more and more domain name in the hands of their own, but also sell is not easy, so I want to go back to the original purpose, began to explore how so website domain name, want to use to do a good China down net. read more

Talk about my experience in the past 4 years

03 years ago, when I was in high school, I began to contact the internet. Has been in a variety of small software with windows, bought a lot of computer magazine. 03 years ago, I contacted the web page.

didn’t understand anything at first, and frontpage didn’t use it. When he knew that the page was written in HTML, he began to contact the HTML language. Online information is very small, I will check the source code of the regular website directly.

sees much and feels, and then combines online search. Know read more

Do stand three years earn so little but lost too much

, the three years to do the true feelings of station to share with you. Is it really that easy to make a website? Is it really that easy? My personal experience tells you, tell me, tell him.

morning, the bed, it was dark, it’s time to get up, day and night day, accustomed to, this is the recent days. Every time I say, after today, I will not get the website, can not find the reason for me to do, earned a total of less than one thousand yuan, but I lost a lot, eyes dim, the work of two minds, has been nearly two months, no work, no incentive to adhere to the site of the station, I do not want to do, but not to read more

nternet business success seven site optimization five steps

1. Understanding SEO

said the search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO), we have to mention the search engine marketing (SEM), SEM is a kind of through the search engine to promote the marketing mode of the website, and search engine optimization is one of them, the other party also includes a search engine PPC advertising etc.. Because SEO is realized by technical means, without paying for promotion, it is more practical for personal webmaster. The main point of this chapter is to explain how SEO is implemented. read more

Brand Break the bottleneck of website development

author Mu Yun Sheng: 12 years of professional Internet users, engaged in website production and operation of more than three, self styled as its website CEO. Do all aspects of the station, a smattering of knowledge, learning wide and not refined. But after a cold spectators, watching the raging like a storm on the internet. Along the way, I met many webmaster friends who needed help, and met a lot of webmaster friends who helped me. Then I tried to help my friends who need help with grass roots. read more

Baidu how to determine the core content of the site

When the

search engine spiders return the page code to the search engine server, how does SE determine the core content of the page? First of all, the first steps of Kyw’s search engine operation:


1. spider downloads the A page and sends it back to the server.


2. server looks for the core content of the A page, and then removes the HTML code.

3. looking for core content……

I’m not sure

GOOGLE, Baidu, YAHOO! Is there really "core content" this step, but I believe that there must be a similar operation mechanism, because if you don’t have this step, the search engine will consume a lot of resources to do repetitive operation. At the beginning, KWY was also tested in, of course, KYW is not a search engine engineer, but the following is just some thinking about the search engine. read more

Ali strategic investment Sina micro blog intended to hatch new products

after more than half a year, Ali investment Sina, micro-blog finally settled, the debate surrounding the investment is also a hundred schools of thought contend. Some people worry that sina micro-blog will lose credibility, but its credibility? It would be disloyal; some people think that Ali will destroy Sina micro-blog, with China YAHOO for example, now the Internet industry has long past, smart people will play more and more, more and more, we can consider these problems, don’t the buyer can spend $586 million to read more

Design thinking of tool type website homepage Analysis of homepage design type

what is a tool based website,


, let’s first learn three sets of concepts from Wikipedia:

tools: appliances that facilitate people to do their work.

application: computer software used to help users complete a single or a set of related tasks.

web application: refers to applications that use Web and Web browser technology to perform one or more tasks across a network, often requiring the use of a Web browser.

shows that applications are tools in the computer domain, and tool sites can be defined as websites that hold one or more web applications. It focuses on allowing users to complete a series of tasks, such as registration, payment, etc.. read more

Diligent webmaster can always share with new friends to make money

to write this article for the novice webmaster, let the novice webmaster understand what is Wangzhuan Wangzhuan? How? Specific ideas? Personal opinion, for reference only.

The first

from scratch, you need a good domain name (read fluently or some words pinyin or English), a good space (the speed a little better, don’t go off), then you need to think of a topic, the best is a better understanding of your theme, is the best a few online sites like the following topics, you can start to make it stop. read more

How to write false original

himself just started doing web site, how to write pseudo original creation of a little summary, I hope to help you, personal feel like writing pseudo original, when the soft Wen is also pretty quality.

see online teaching to write pseudo original article, is to change the title, the first paragraph, ending. First of all, the article should be taken as a complete whole, as their own changes to the article comments.


the most important thing is to grasp the reader’s mentality, often when we write articles, the title is a summary of the article, stressed. read more

E commerce has given me a taste

, when I was a sophomore, built a forum on life care with DZ, and it was a very good place. Then there Shanghai a cosmetics sales person to find me, I want to cooperate with the forum to do network marketing, I was not very willing to, because the offer is largely somewhat conservative, after several negotiations to reach a willingness. Because the forum every day from Baidu to bring traffic is considerable, the brand of cosmetics sales performance is very good, I also get from a small percentage, cooperate with them for nearly half a year, because of learning pressure, coupled with the management forum is also very time-consuming, the third year the station, even sold them. read more

Hu Yufeng how wide is the heart How far can the website go

A Chinese on

throughout 5000 years of culture, who is also the hearts of men remember, mouth hanging on the history of celebrity, which is a narrow, only for their own? Which one is not with the state and the people, to help others as their responsibility? Three home without Da Yu Li Shimin, a founder of the new a time of national peace and order, to China Mao Zedong, too much, three days and nights are endless. I am the master, came to the forum, that certainly cannot do without the network and website, the above event, it rose to the height of the theory, and then applied to the Internet, in fact, everyone is usually said in the website user experience, with users, is more important than what. read more

Helpless confusion nternet advertising invalid click

remember to do the first station, every day only a few IP, to apply for a period of ad code, every day take the point of time, watching the alliance account money every day so a bit to rise, he will feel very comfort. Sometimes I ask my friends to help me. If I get more than one dollar that day, I can have a wonderful feeling of happiness.

After a few weeks of

(I really couldn’t understand how much willpower there was), I got bored, slowed down the frequency of clicks, and slowly forgot the ad league that I’d clicked. read more

A webmaster to sell after the site of thinking not just sell just have money

A few days ago in A5

on their business for more than half a website to sell, it is not selling more than more than 500 dollars, but still felt very happy, after all, is the first of their income from the network, although the site has been sold, but I still have time to love SITE in Baidu ranking is several times. Rose also fell, then talk about their feelings after selling station, so that those who are like me and want to sell the station brothers more room for thinking


in the first half I saw her friends in the QQ station, also registered a domain name, began to make up a keyword in Baidu, always want their flow quickly, always thought that the flow is money, it is because of this consideration made this website (this website when I’m not considered to be a primary key) to sell a QQ later to do on Baidu’s top five to 5000 of the traffic, but the second day, has dropped no trail! By other long tail word every day holidays will be stable at about one thousand, about 1/3 higher than this is the station! The general situation of GG, see the day after tomorrow, every day is that a few clicks of the poor, because of their advertising code is not separate from several stations together, can not have a general statistical estimation is a knife on that of income He was, put a few of the domestic league read more

Dai Chengqi a traditional enterprises human blood experience

this article by Tonlion electricity supplier Dai Chengqi oral, "sales and marketing" magazine written by Feng Huakui. Tonlion electric boss too dare to say, the basic will be a traditional enterprise business real history, and Tonlion supplier’s core data, and Tonlion business profit seeking twists process all exposed, very real.

why traditional enterprises to enter the electricity supplier?

is generally divided into two kinds: one is the boss is too fierce, his strategic vision is good, very early start layout; one is forced, no way, the line stock is too big, on the. read more

Blog writing in the original you insist

started writing articles on blogs in 05 years, mostly personal, trivial records that were destined to last long. Later, I often browsed some professional blogs, such as moonlight blogs, to understand their writing style and skills, and gradually got some ideas. As a result, I began to try to write more specialized technical articles. At the same time, I often force myself to learn more professional skills, and there are more topics to write about. Slowly, actually, blog writing is also a very good way to learn. read more