Month: June 2017

Heilongjiang will build 300 college students entrepreneurial base

now the establishment of social entrepreneurship system for many entrepreneurs is a very important thing, governments are now very the attention of entrepreneurial activities, and through the establishment of a series of measures to promote people to start a business venture.

for Internet innovation and the field of education integration, our province issued the "plan" of Heilongjiang province Internet plus education "action" (2016-2020). Our province plans to build "Internet plus" innovation network system, by the end of 2015 the construction of 300 provincial college students entrepreneurial base, the construction of 1000 college students entrepreneurial base in 2018. read more

Yu Yongfu transformed from investor to founder

want to gain more, you need to pay more than others, this is no doubt. Recently, entrepreneurs in the five anniversary of the media and the dark horse contest finals, the selection of UC excellent as chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu as the entrepreneur of the year 2013".

"for 2013 Chinese Internet is a very important year. Many people find that the world is yours and ours, but it may end up being bat3."

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Quality service is the key to long term business

hard to carry out the premise of the investment, even in the short term to get a profit, but did not operate long time to end in failure, such a business I’m afraid not many people are willing to do. In fact, now more and more people to do business, but every business people, hope that their business is booming, hope to do a long shop, I think: quality service is the key, only to provide quality services, to be able to make your shop to do bigger and stronger, further, because the pay and return is always proportional to. read more

Seven principles applicable to entrepreneurship

now the employment situation is not optimistic, the government is still doing positive efforts to encourage entrepreneurship, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" entrepreneurial boom constantly one after another, let each of us from getting closer. Next, the whole network share seven for business principles, hope to bring inspiration for entrepreneurs.

1.    wise investment principles: in the investment world, there are two ways to spend money: stupid investment (fund investors to entrepreneurs and then began to look forward to return) and wise investment (apart from the money back to investors, entrepreneurs to share their ideas and experience other valuable help). The most successful start-ups will always reject those stupid investors, they hope that in addition to money investors can provide other help for the enterprise. You should do the same when choosing a partner, and your partner should be able to provide you with support and help to make you a better person. read more

Xiaolifeidao Sliced noodles is how to operate

Sliced noodles to join the project, many investors are more likely to trust xiaolifeidao Sliced noodles brand, but there are still many people do not know the specific mode of operation of the franchise, so Xiaobian made the following brief introduction, I hope to join the xiaolifeidao investors ready to bring some help.

Mike flying brand from June 2014 to join, has been in Shenyang and Beijing, Anshan and other places to develop 24 chain stores. "Li flying" the first flagship store is located in Shenyang District of Tiexi City Xingshun Street, the business area of 1200 square meters, opened at the beginning of a single day turnover of up to 25000 yuan, the daily average of more than 15000 yuan, in the surrounding area of established influence, and word of mouth wide. The company has set up a set of standard, perfect organization system and chain operation system. read more

Weapon how to shape the brand image

on the present market, commodity competition has evolved into the competition between brand, brand competition is the key to a good brand image, the image is more likely to win the favor of the market, are more likely to obtain a higher market share. So how to shape the brand image? To solve this problem, the whole network to share the following content specifically.

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Luo Lisi underwear joining conditions what the whole


Luo Alice underwear? 2017 entrepreneurship project. For small business franchisee, entrepreneurs choose to join the Luo Lisi underwear project, an open their own Luo Lisi underwear store, undoubtedly, is very business choice!

Luo Lisi underwear joining conditions what is now, all walks of life are of fierce competition. When people start a business, the choice of entrepreneurial projects, we need to consider some of the high visibility and strength of large-scale enterprises to join. In the fiery industry, underwear industry sales in the market share is high. Therefore, the choice of a reliable brand of underwear to join, is a successful venture entrepreneurs a shortcut, and Luo Lisi is one of them. So, please join Luo and conditions much of what? read more

Looking for a good choice of the network of entrepreneurial projects


liquid wallpaper wall Chardonnay

Chardonnay, wallpaper, non-toxic and tasteless, natural environmental protection, natural water paint is drawn, which can be directly diluted with water, construction tools can also be directly washed with water, do not add any harmful solvent volatile, consumers do not have to worry about the decoration pollution will affect the health of their families, even if it is pregnant with the child in pregnant women just put the liquid wallpaper in the room, Dolly, will not be affected. read more

Sichuan dish to join to bring rich business opportunities

in the development of hot food and beverage industry, the local characteristics of the flavor of food by consumers and investors of widespread concern and favor. One of the most popular franchise industry or Sichuan to take food, this snack started from Chengdu to today’s major stores in blossom everywhere throughout the country, has been the most popular catering market catering business projects, more consumers become the most respected dining options, and detonated business opportunities! read more

Some tips for small business

some of the project investment is relatively small, the risk is relatively low, so that the market has a lot of small entrepreneurs welcome, if the choice of small business, entrepreneurs should pay attention to what? Let’s take a look at some of the tips of small business.

1. to have such a strong sense of self-confidence and responsibility: if I do not engage in such sales, the community can not be successful.

2. be kind to wholesalers. If you are right, you have to speak frankly.

3. if there is no gift, give a smile". read more

Operators need to maintain a learning attitude

food and Beverage Stores operators need to get better investment business using a certain strategy, now people shop so much, the competition is quite large, businesses want to break loose, should learn what skills? If you want to continue to make a profit, you should keep learning attitude, and constantly sum up your own learning style.

catering market competition is more and more intense! You need to choose, what kind of business skills, or to make a marketing plan how to achieve sustainable management is in the catering industry competition, permanent profit? Believe it is quite a lot of friends concerned? Research on food market competition the situation and Countermeasures: China catering market after more than and 20 years of reform and development, has entered a new stage, the market competition situation also occurred in a part of the new changes. read more

How did Kirk and Patrick succeed in starting a business

entrepreneurs want to succeed in business also need to accept the fact that in the face of difficulties should not escape, should first solve the problem. Only our rational treatment of facts, in order to be more clearly aware of the problems in the process of entrepreneurship, in order to better entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurs, it is important to face the facts.

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The first entrepreneurial community youth to attract many young people to participate in the opening

for many young people, entrepreneurship has become a realization of their own value of life on the road, at the same time, there are a lot of young people will have a rich and entrepreneurial ideas around in the promotion of some projects for young entrepreneurs, and regularly organize some activities.

Beijing City, the first

to start the theme of community youth in Dongcheng District Qinglong Hutong No. 35 "and" coffee cafes opening venture. In the future, young people here can not only participate in dating and marriage, sports health, team development and other types of public welfare activities, but also enjoy more professional services. read more

Net worth of 96 year old ship king immortal legend

Singapore Pacific shipping ship is a cargo ship that appears in almost ninety percent of the world’s gulf. As the world’s leading shipping industry worthy of the boss, Singapore Pacific shipping freighter is how to develop it? The most important words can not be separated from its founder – Zhang Yunzhong, let us approach the great man to see what he brings to us.

was founded in 1967 of the Taiping shipping company in the global operations of more than and 50 routes, more than and 200 shuttle cargo ship in more than and 100 countries more than and 500 ports, which in the first private shipping companies ranked in Southeast Asia, the global container shipping industry ranked fourteenth. read more

Million yuan investment in the cost of choosing jewelry to join

is becoming more and more serious in the employment problem today, investment and entrepreneurship has become the first choice for young people to develop their own careers, so small entrepreneurs have become the first choice for young people to develop their careers. In general, the place is good with two or more conditions in the region, if we can all have, is the best jewelry shop. With the upsurge of entrepreneurial boom, roadside stores more and more, but in this array of clothing to join the store what trick can survive? In general, good sites have some common features, can be focused on the investigation and selection of the following area: area read more

How about joining Dayali

pear, you see the name to know that this is a what were the main products in the store? The heart is full of curiosity? Read below you will know more.

the mass consumption is the most profitable business Roasted Duck Dayali store launched the delicious food, crafts and unique flavor ingredients for Roasted Duck 100 fragrance, combined with a variety of imperial records out of the ordinary, diet health food, let people eat healthy food quality, become the market sales of products to win praise. The brand contains rich meaning: "big" meaning: the world is boundless just, a symbol of love, broad-minded, Dayali forming; "duck" means: the duck is the best birds, "duck" word on the left is a "a" word, "a" represents the best quality, adumbrative Dayali for all customers to provide quality food; "duck" right is a "bird", indicates that Dayali to soar, rushed to the first brand China catering; "pear" the meaning of the word "pear" is a "benefit", the following is a represents the most favorable auspices, "wood" that represents the wealth, indicates that Dayali came to dining guests, good luck every day, every year there is wealth, at the same time Dayali also represents a popular fruit, in real life, a variety of fruit to eat, but not eat the pear. To indicate whether our guests, colleagues or friends, meet pear, never separate. So how to join it? read more

The five Maxim opens the door to a millionaire


report shows that last year the United States added about 20 millionaires, the total number of millionaires has reached 8 million 600 thousand. Although this figure is still lower than the peak of 9 million 500 thousand in 2006, but with the Dow rebounded in the first quarter of 994 points ($8). 1%) the news is still encouraging. These two messages are clearly positive signs of a recovery.

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Sitting on the southwest Sichuan to accelerate the pace of the times

is not only the land of abundance of resources in Southwest Sichuan, also belongs to the talents of the land of abundance. Sichuan launched a number of initiatives to help entrepreneurs and enterprises, to fully mobilize the young generation of innovation driven, based on the province’s innovation and development of the starting point, and comprehensively promote the accelerated development of Sichuan into a new era".

10 23, the last day of the first national public business innovation "week, Chengdu high tech Zone News: focus on the office of research and development of intelligent routers of Chengdu science and technology enterprises to get 10 million yuan investment in the near future Pre-A. This is less than a year, the second most expensive technology to get ten million financing, the valuation of a full turn up to four times. read more