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first_img1. Pancakes: New York, USA“I am from New York. My pick would definitely be a big stack of American diner pancakes. My favourite pancakes are thick and fluffy, as wide as a dinner plate, and stacked high. Recommended with a side of crispy bacon and absolutely covered in syrup” – Ilana Munckton Ready to ride the road to Rio? Take a look at our other guides on Brazil, including a local’s guide to Rio. 3. Crepe Bretonne: France“I am French and spent a lot of my childhood in Britanny, my dad being a keen sailor we all got the pleasure to also discover Brittany’s cuisine…I fell in love with the Crepe Bretonne, which are definitely not crap! They are the best thing in the world, they come with any savoury ingredient you might like: cheese, ham, bacon, vegetables, eggs, nuts, salad. The crepe itself is just buckwheat flour, water, salt, one egg and beer. They are kind of a savoury version of pancakes and thinner. They are wonderful, you should definitely try them!” – Marine Bigault “And you can’t leave without trying a Swedish cinnamon bun (kanelbulle). If you’re in Stockholm, you can find huge ones at Café Saturnus!” – Emma Kirkwood Explore Sweden the right way and find your way around the city’s main attractions with our big-hitters guide to Stockholm. Then, if you can’t get enough of the night sky and would love to see the ‘Northern Lights’, or Aurora Borealis while you’re there then we have good news for you. Sweden is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights this year.6. Cepelinai : Lithuania“If you ever visit Lithuania, you must try Cepelinai – massive potato dumplings stuffed with meat and served with sour cream sauce and bacon or pork cracklings, so be prepared for a heavy meal. Fun fact: _Cepelinai _is named because their shape resembles that of a Zeppelin airship.” – Renata Pilikinaite Singapore is full of tasty food options and offers plenty to do; take a look at some of them in our guide to ten things you’ve got to do next time you’re in the Lion City.5. Meatballs: Sweden“If visiting Sweden, I would definitely recommend trying some proper meatballs (they taste much better than in IKEA). Served with mash, lingonberry jam and brown gravy.” New York, New York! If you can’t get enough of this amazing city then you may enjoy our NYC video guide or our list of the ten best things to eat in New York. 2. Pichanha : Brazil“If vising the southeast region of Brazil, you should have some picanha (sirloin steak), with broccoli rice and farofa (which is manioc flour with butter). My favorite dish when visiting family in Rio!” – Tahiana Rodrigues Delicious food is not the only thing Lithuania has to offer. Take a look at some of the top things to see and do in Vilnius or branch out and enjoy one of these incredible Eastern European cities you probably haven’t heard of but must visit.7. Moussaka : Greece“In Greece for me it’s all about Μουσακά! Or Mousakas. Most versions are based primarily on sautéed aubergine and tomato, usually with minced meat. However, the Greek version includes layers of meat and aubergine topped with a béchamel (white) sauce and baked” – Aspasia Merkouri Now head off on a moussaka tasting tour of the Greek islands! But first, have a read of our guide to 20 beautiful Greek islands. Then try to fit in all of your holiday clothes you’ve packed! 8. Vaca Frita: Miami, USA“If you make it to Miami, make sure to try some authentic Cuban food. We have countless options to choose from all over the city but head over to Little Havana for some of the most authentic. My suggestions (in order of preference); vaca frita (twice fried steak strips), pollo asada (roasted chicken) and masas de puerco (pork chunks). Then order the congris (mixed rice and beans with pieces of pork in it) and an order of maduros (fried plantains). After dinner get a cafe con leche – delicious Cuban style coffee, steamed milk with a strong/sweet coffee.” – Max Lorber Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Um-ing and ah-ing over booking a holiday to Miami? Let’s make this easy for you: here’s the ten best things to do in Miami. 9. Kaiserschmarrn: Austria“Our cuisine is famous for rich meaty meals like the wiener schnitzel, but I’ll spare you from those. But we Austrians also really love sweet dishes! So much so that we even eat them as mains! I’d recommend you to try a kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancakes with plum sauce) or marillenknödel (apricot dumplings).” – Nina Neissl There’s far more to see and do in Vienna, and we’ve got ten suggestions for your next trip right here.Got recommendations of your own? Join the chat and check out the full list of dishes at the Skyscanner forum. Related10 best things to do in Rio: a local’s guideBrazil’s best-known city is not all carnivals and Copacabana. Just in time for Rio 2016, join our local reporter on the ground, Alice, as she shows us her favourite bars, restaurants and things to do in Rio de Janeiro.Carnevale! 8 of the best Mardi Gras festivals around the worldMardi Gras is an explosive festival of colour, costume, music and merriment, as countries around the world take to the streets to party like it’s nearly Lent. So where’s the best place to celebrate Mardi Gras? We’ve got a few ideas for you, from New Orleans to Rio de Janeiro.…Hopscotch the Globe’s best travelling moments – Instagram TakeoverEveryone has their favourite holiday destinations that they love to visit, but what if you fancy trying some place new? For starters, keep our where to go on holiday guide bookmarked and check out Kristen from @HopscotchtheGlobe most loved adventures for some serious wanderlust. Here’s what happened. France, the home of fine food and perfect photo opportunities. Queue your camera angles with our guide to the south of France’s most picturesque road trip routes.4. Hokkien Mee: Singapore“Try Hokkien Mee when you’re in Singapore! It’s an iconic hawker/street food dish that features egg noodles, vermicelli, egg and prawn broth beautifully tossed together in a large wok – with pork, crispy lard, squid and prawns added towards the end.” – Antoinette Tan last_img

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